Personified Intelligence, an ethic instilled within the very foundation of Compaq has been driving them to craft services and products transcending quality and performance since 1998.

ISO 9001: 2008 & 14001: 2004 certified Company, Compaq International (P) Limited is engaged in Development, Manufacturing & Marketing of Cable Jointing Solutions, Heat Shrink and Cold shrink Type Cable Joints & Terminations, Power Cable Accessories, Composite Polymer Insulators, Polymer Surge Arresters, Polymer Cut out Fuses, Polymer Air Break Switches & other associated electrical products for power Transmission & Distribution Network.

Compaq’s ingenious work force ensures the proper management of clients and every activity that requires appropriate compliance to international industrial standards. The company’s benchmark- Manufacturing with Brilliance, ensures upholding of upmost quality standards during product development and production.

Three decades of Compaq’s proficient business journey is testament to the trust our customers have in the brand and its services. Subjecting our products to rigorous testing assures our customers of not only the quality of the product but also the service. We take pride in providing state of the art solutions and adopting the most efficient technology, materials and designs that make our products more enduring, consistent and safe.

Compaq is steadfastly working towards invention and innovation, with an endeavour to delight our customers and provide a prosperous future to our diligent employees.