Crimping/Compression Lugs

Product Description

Our range of Crimping Type Copper Tubular Cable Terminal Ends is manufactured under strict quality control and confirm to the specification and requirements. Our services are always available to solve customer problems and to provide improvements.


  • Safe & low cost both in and use.
  • All copper products are electro-tinned to BS standard and Wis prevents it from corrosion and oxidation.
  • PVC insulation is provided to terminals for exceptional di-electric strength & for supporting. We use wire insulation at the base of the terminal thereby ensuring that no bare wire is exposed.
  • It also provides circumferential insulation support to the wire and prevents the loss of connects due to vibration, or flexing in use.

Application Areas

  • Electricity Boards: Generation, Distribution etc.
  • Electrical Industries: Control panels, Switch gears, Transformers, Circuit breakers
  • Projects & Industrial for Electrical applications: Shipping, Automobile, Steel & Fertilizers, Chemical, Cement and Textile, Chemical Electronics, Mining Aeronautics, Satellite and Communications, etc.