Manufacture and Use of Cable Trays from Superior FRP Material

Product Description

We use cable trays to support power cables and control cables in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) trays have high utility due to their intrinsic weather resisting properties. Metal trays corrode when exposed to the elements for long. Unlike the metal trays, the FRP trays are safe, durable, and cost-effective.

Making of the FRP trays

The FRP cable trays involve an advanced technique of manufacture of thermosetting polyester resin. This material is reinforced with fibreglass material using pultrusion methods. This is controlled electronically for high precision and quality. Use of high-quality FRP sections, rivets, and hardware makes sure that the final product has superior strength. You can make these FRP trays to different dimensions as per the need.


The trays find use in outdoor conditions. The features of these trays are as follows:

  1. They are fire retardant, so you can use them in volatile environment too.
  2. FRP trays have a high load bearing capacity. So, you may safely use them and not worry about anything.
  3. The structure is simple and so you will not find any complications during the installation.
  4. They are extremely light in weight and so it is easy to store them or carry them to their place.
  5. You can use them in both the horizontal and vertical layout. This gives you many options for fashioning your structure.
  6. Since the material is UV stabilized it can withstand long hours in the outdoor conditions.
  7. It is non-magnetic and so you can install it places where there are strong magnetic fields.

Shear head connectors and lugs

While making electrical connections, you need an entire range of Mechanical connectors and lugs to cater to different specifications of voltage and circumstances. We classify them into the broad categories as shown below.

  1. a) Mechanical shear head bolt lugs
  2. b) Mechanical shear head bolt connectors
  3. c) Crimping connectors
  4. d) Crimping lugs

Here we see why the shear head lugs are preferred over the crimping connections. In the mechanical shear head bolt lugs, the body of the lugs is typically made from high strength alloys. The connecting bolts are fashioned from brass, aluminium, copper, and have an outer hexagon that is tin-plated. This tin plating helps protect the lug from corrosive forces. This type of termination is preferred over the crimping method since this is safer and has more effect.

Use of shear head lugs

The most obvious benefit of using the shear head is that we need not use a crimping tool. Second, the shear head will fall off at the precise instant the connection attains the right value. You do not need a torqueing tool to measure the precise amount of the torque. Excellent quality shear head lugs have chamfered edges so that one can handle them with ease. The effectiveness of the electrical connection is assured using special type of lubrication.

The advantage of the crimping connections is that they are cheap and safe to use. You can use them in a wide range of applications such as in transformers, circuit breakers, control panels, switch gears, and much more.