Mechanical Shear Head Bolt Lugs

Product Description

Compaq Shear Head Bolt Lugs are mechanical Lugs, with shear-off-head bolts and transfers grooving. The Compaq Shear Bolt Lugs body is made from high strength aluminium or copper alloy while the bolts are brass/Copper/Aluminium, tin-plated with inner and outer hexagon. Compaq range of mechanical lugs has been designed as a practical alternative to crimping methods. Compaq mechanical LugsĀ are designed and manufactured in accordance to International standard IEC 61238-1 Class A and are suitable for low/medium/high voltage applications.


  • Wide application range.
  • Used with almost every type of conductor and material.
  • The head will shear-off at the required torque moment.
  • No torque wrench or crimping tool required.
  • Connectors & Lugs are chamfered at the edges.
  • Lubricated with special grease.