Medium Voltage Cold Applied Silicone Rubber Straight / Right Bushing Boot

Product Description

Compaq Medium Voltage Cold applied angle are used on indoor terminations of power cables maximum rated 17.5kV, XLPE, EPR, paper insulation cable with aluminium or copper conductor. These cold applied angle boots are used in switchgear and transformers cable end boxes, in which the cores of the cables are terminated vertically from below and are connected to bushing fixed there in. these boots are designed for use on either single or three core cable from 35 sq. mm to 400 sq. mm the bushing boots can accommodate bushing with diameter between 35-70mm. Performance test for practical reasons, the tests can be performed on complete termination shrouded with angle boots in a specified three pole cable end box under consideration of creepage length and clearance between bushing and nearest earth potential.


  • No special tools required
  • No heating or filling required
  • Suitable for vertical or angled position
  • High interface pressure ensures absolute water tightness

Technical Values for 8.7/15 (17.5 kV)

S.No. Test Test Requirement Results
1. D.C. Voltage Dry Withstand 15 Minutes at 6 Uo Passed
2. A.C. Voltage Dry Withstand 5 minutes at 4.5 Uo Passed
3. Impulse Voltage at ambient temperature 10 Impulse of each Polarity (150kV) Passed
4. Electrical Heat Cycling in air 10 Cycles at 2.5 Uo Passed
5. A.C. Voltage Dry Withstand 4 hours at 4.5 Uo Passed
6. Humidity 300 h duration at 1.25 Uo Passed

Technical Values for Silicone Rubber

S.No. Description of Test Test Data
1. Volume Resistivity 1 x 10 14 ohm cm
2. Dielectric Strength 25 kv / mm (Min.)
3. Tracking & Erosion Resistance Test Passes 4.0 kV / 1 Hr
4. Dielectric Content 3.5
5. Tensile Strength 9.0 Mpa
6. Elongation 700 % (Min)
7. Tear Strength 15 N/mm
8. Low Temperature Flexibility No Cracking and Braking up to 200C°
9. Heat Shock Test No Deformation, Burning and Tearing at 2500C for 30 minutes