Polymer Drop/Cut Out Fuses Upto 36kV

Product Description

Compaq maintains the highest level of IEC standards in their diversified selection of polymerized Insulators Drop/Cut Out fuses. Raw material of the highest quality is used by us for fuse unit manufacturing. silicone rubber is used for designing Compaq fuse cutouts as these insulators are able to withstand extreme cold, stressful environments, and heat present in heavily polluted locations or sea coasts. These fuses help stopping faults and are highly useful as secondary backup units for protecting the system. Our Drop out expulsion type cut out fuses are well-suited for distribution systems from 11-33 kV and also for protecting transformer Centre Tap lines and H.T. lines

  • Channel Type
  • Solid Core Type

Salient Features

  • No maintenance required
  • Easy and quick for installation
  • Long term surface hydrophobic Properties
  • Manufacturing at IS0 9001 & 14001 certified plants
  • Suitable for polluted environments and salty atmospheres


Sr. No. Specifications
Technical Values

1. Rated Voltage 12KV 24KV 36KV
2. Rated continuous Current 100 Amps. 100 Amps. 100 Amps.
3. Maximum normal current of fuse base 200 Amps. 200 Amps. 200 Amps.
4. Maximum normal current of fuse holder 100 Amps. 100 Amps. 100 Amps.
5. Rated frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
6. TLightning impulse withstand voltage
A. Across the isolating distance of fuse base 32KV 60KV 80KV
B. To earth and between poles 28KV 50KV 70KV
7. Mounting angle to vertical axis 20° 20° 20°
8. Colour Grey/Red Grey/Red Grey/Red
9. Rated breaking capacity 8KA 8KA 8KA
10. Insulator Housing material Silicon Silicon Silicon