Polymer Air Break Switches Upto 36kV

Product Description

Air Break Switches (ABS) are widely installed throughout distribution networks for use as both isolation or switching points. Air Break Switches are installed in either horizontal or vertical (Pole Top or Mid Pole) Configurations. The precision engineered polymeric Air Break switches are available in different forms such as Gang Operated switch, single break, tilting type, vertical mounting that comprises hot dip galvanized channel iron base. Designed and tested in accordance to IEC 62271.102. Compaq manufactures Air Break Switches ranging from 12/24kV up to 36kV Voltage ratings with current ratings of 400 up to 1250 amps. Compaq manufactures both side break and vertical break switches and within this range produces a number of different versions to suit individual customer needs.


  • Modular or unitised factory assembled design
  • Available with conventional operating rod and handle
  • The Compaq design is able to be customised to individual customer specific needs
  • Manufacturing at IS0 9001 certified plants.
  • Suitable for polluted environments and salty atmospheres
  • Long term surface hydrophobic Properties.
  • Easy for installation & no maintenance.

Generic Technical Data

Parameters 11 kV 22 kV 33 kV
System Voltage 11 kV 22 kV 33 kV
Rated Voltage 12 kV 24 kV 36 kV
Rated Current 200/400Amp. 200/400Amp. 200/400/630Amp.
Power Freq. With Stand Volt To Earth Across The Terminals 28kV 32kV 50kV 60kV 70kV 80kV
Impulse Withstand Voltage To Earth 75kV 95kV 170kV